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FREE Amazon Prime Membership – Trick To Get 30 Days FFEE Trail then Unlimited

   FREE Amazon Prime Membership – Trick To Get 30 Days FFEE Trail then Unlimited   

   FREE Amazon Prime Membership – Trick To Get 30 Days FFEE Trail then Unlimited

Today I will tell you in this blog post what is amazon prime  ? how to create a free account and how can you use amazon prime free account well, so let's read further and understand.

Amazon Prime Membership Free of Cost - details in below : 

What Is Amazon Prime Account

Amazon is a very largest website in the world, where you can go shopping and you can take advantage of its other types of services.
Amazon serves many types of services in India such as Amazon Shopping website, Amazon Pay, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Video, Kindle E-Readers E-books etc. To use these services we need Amazon Prime Account.
To create this account, first you have to go to the Internet and go to its website, when you reach its website, then you will see try prime in the right side corner, after that you will have to click on it, then go to join prime and click Have to do. After that you have to click on login to join prime where you have to fill your email id, after that you will have to process further by filling the basic details. Later you will get the option of Trial for 1 Month, where you will get a free account of all the services of amazon prime for one month, you can use any service of amazon for a month without any restriction.

Amazon Prime Facilities : -

  • Unlimited free fast delivery: -

This is the first service of amazon prime account in which any product you order from Amazon's shopping website which falls within the prime category, this product gets delivered to you very quickly without any delay.If you are not the prime customer of amazon then you will get this product with delay, this is the quality of Amazon Prime.

  •  Prime Video: -

Prime Video is a service where you can watch the latest and unlimited movies and TV shows. With your flagshipmembership, you can watch the latest and unlimited Bollywood and regional blockbusters, Hollywood movies. You can also get stuck on US TV shows like Young Sheldon, and get exclusive access to the Prime Original series ComicStan, Breath and Inside Edge.You can access Prime Video anywhere: on the go or in the comfort of your living room. Watch on your Android or iOS phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or smart TV very easily. Today, amazon prime video is being watched very fast, its popularity is increasing.

  •  Prime Music: -

You can also enjoy music on Amazon Prime free account such as all your favorite music - ad-free and with unlimited offline download with your Prime membership, unlimited offline download with ten millions songs in multiple languages- Enjoy free music streaming - in English, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, Bengali and more languages.
Discover a new way to find and play controlled music with Alexa. Just tap on the Alexa icon in your mobile app and ask for music. No typing, no browsing, no searching - just ask! Listen to music on devices - You can enjoy music on Android and iOS devices, desktop apps and web players, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Echo and other Alexa enabled devices.

  •  Prime Reading: -

Read you prime reading anytime, anywhere and at no extra cost on Amazon Prime free account Read as many as you want from hundreds of eligible e-books, comics and more. With a list of literature and fiction, quick reading, romance, non-fiction, and e-books in Indian languages, you will always find something to read. You can enjoy prime reading on your Kindle e-reader, or install the free Kindle reading application on a mobile, tablet, PC or Mac. You can also try Prime Reading on the 2MB Kindle Lite Android app designed for Indian readers.

  •  Grab the best deals first:

This is a special service for Amazon Prime customers. If you have a prime account, then you can access a full sale run on amazon 30 minutes before you can get a variety of special deals and coupons.Its great benefit can save you money.

   FREE Amazon Prime Membership – Trick To Get 30 Days FFEE Trail then Unlimited   

Follow Step by Step 

First open this link - Click Here 

🔥Free Amazon Prime Video Trick

● Go to Amazon.de 

● Create an account 

● Use Gmail only ( i didnt try tmpmail )

● Go to Prime section 

● Select 30 days Prime 

● go to fake-it.ws for Name, IBAN nd BIC

● choose country germany

● Copy Name, BIC and IBAN 

● no need to add card only use BIC nd IBAN

● Add your own address and fake number 

● After completing payment settings 

● Go to primevideo.com

● Select the country as India 

● Boom Account is ready with Indian content….. 

Payment Option -


IBan - DE14793630160353622169

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