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FREE VPN with no speed limits. Detail of there Advantage and Dis-advantage.

    FREE VPN with no speed limits. Details of there Advantage and Dis-advantage.   

FREE VPN with no speed limits. Detail of there Advantage and Dis-advantage.

Definition of VPN :

We are all familiar with the term VPN.It is known only by name, but most people do not know what it is. Today we will briefly discuss the topics of VPN, what works for it.The full form of VPN is - Virtual Private Network.
VPN is a fictional 'tunnel' through which information can be transmitted safely. This 'tunnel' or tunnel does not really exist, it is essentially a fictional private.
The network is meant by that Information can be Provide securely by the Internet. We will now focus on the 'safe' keyword. Internet is basically a place of information. Everyone in the world is connected, so there is a risk of information leakage in the direct exchange of information. To avoid this risk, VPN is the safest way to connect to your personal or private network using the Internet. In this way, a fictitious tunnel is created on the Internet to connect the user and the private network.

What are the benefits of VPN?
  • Using a VPN means you can exchange data securely.
  • Nobody can track your location using a VPN.
  • Keeps IP address (Internet Protocol address) hidden. That is, hackers are unlikely to fall into the trap.
  • Your internet service provider will get the full speed of the net from the IPS.
  • VPN allows you to visit blocked sites in ISP. For example, if YouTube is blocked in our country, you will still be able to access YouTube using VPN.
  • It works as a method of secure communication and encrypt data. This means that the VPN can connect your machine to a virtual network and quickly encrypt all the data you send, that is, it hides it from the public domain and it keeps track of your browsing history. So you're perfectly safe online.

Some disadvantages of VPN :
  • The main disadvantage of this is that it does not allow you to download torrent files and is completely Internet dependent. VPN service can be free or premium. Though

  • In most VPN services, money is required. However, there are some popular free VPN services, which will allow you to get close to premium. Ex-ProXPN, Hotspot Shield,
  • Cybershost, SecurityKiss, SpotFlux and more.

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